Today, the world is seeing how desperate things have become in West Baltimore.

Last year, we launched 1610 Companies, named for our home at 1610 N. Carey St in Baltimore. 1610 is housed in the original Frederick Douglas High School, which is currently serving the community of Penn North.

On Monday, the community of Penn North hosted the repast for the family of Freddie Gray, donating their time and money to serve food and provide comfort to the extended Gray family. Within an hour or two, they shuttered themselves inside what has become an oasis of love and life, to see the incredibly sad yet inevitable result of citizens who have been victims of institutional abuse and neglect for decades.

If you are moved by this acute demonstration of the despair our neighbors feel, please reach out and donate to our mother ship, Maryland Community Health Initiatives (Penn North). This is where very real work of transforming hopelessness into opportunity is truly happening.

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sixteen-ten companies


We create places
where people thrive…

A safe, affordable, and energy-efficient home

Reliable, profitable, and rewarding employment

Healthy, local, and organic food


Reimagining the urban ecosystem…

real estate

Slow or negative real estate growth

resulting in reduced tax base, high vacancy rates, blighted housing stock

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New residential and commercial real-estate built within the old neighborhood that does not displace its existing residents.


Energy crisis
resulting in high costs, network congestion, foreign dependency, and decaying infrastructure

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Energy independence based on innovative, renewable sources, built and maintained by the community.


Under-used or unqualified workforce
resulting from a lack of 21st-century skills and a lack of available, profitable jobs

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Job training and entrepreneurship incubation so community residents can participate fully in their neighborhood’s resurgence.


Loss of manufacturing jobs
due to companies closing or relocating

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New neighborhood-based manufacturing to support high-tech neighborhood infrastructure.


Food Deserts
meaning minimal affordable and healthy food options, including lack of access to fresh produce

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Organic food production year-round supplying residents and surrounding neighborhoods with abundant healthy, affordable food.


Lack of Appeal
resulting in little commercial attraction or tourist options

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A safer, beautifully-revived neighborhood which models the latest advances in housing, energy, food production, and manufacturing creates numerous retail, entertainment, and tourism opportunities.